Camera less photographs

An old friend Z left a comment on my last post drawing my attention to an exhibition at the V and A called Shadow catchers. Having looked on the website it looks really interesting and I hope that I can get to London to see it.

I have mentioned my love of cyanotypes in several posts , and love their ethereal quality.

Above is a piece of work that is going in an exhibition of work by artists who work with Artist in Schools. One floor of the gallery will be children’s work done with artists, and another floor will be the artists own work.

The work above is a collection of cyanotypes of flowers, old family photographs and found objects, patch-worked together. The found items were all in a little box that belonged to my dad, full of rusty pins, paper clips, old keys, odd buttons, all destined never to see the light of day.


4 thoughts on “Camera less photographs

  1. Thanks for the link – it looks really interesting.Lovely idea for the exhibition too, combining the children's work with that of the artists who work with them.

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