Chillin’ in Chorlton (and not a Wheelie in sight)

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch. She lives in Chorlton in Manchester.
There is the lovliest street there called Beech Rd, with unusual shops, galleries and places to eat.
Jean Jeanie – A fab shop with lovely printed tee-shirts, hoodies and jeans and great staff.

40 Beech Road – A lovely modern gallery which specialises in re-cycled art and runs workshops. Lovely chatty staff.

An interesting gallery The Troubadour with another really friendly member of staff.

I love independant shops. I like striking up a conversation with people and getting to know who I’m buying from. I will definitely be making a return visit before Christmas.

I also had a scrummy lunch at  The Lead Station. YUUUUUM, and no this post was not sponsored – I just had a good day and wanted to spread the love 😉

When I uploaded these pictures this morning there were also about five random pictures that my daughter had taken of the cat sticking it’s tongue out!?

 Well, they made me laugh… have a good weekend.


11 thoughts on “Chillin’ in Chorlton (and not a Wheelie in sight)

  1. Me likey the look of that street. Reminds me of West End Lane in West Hampstead just off the road where I used to live.Chorlton & the Wheelies eh? Now, that's a blast from the past!!

  2. hilarious image of the cat!!! What fun. Animals really make me laugh, they are so expressive without actually 'pulling' any faces!!Your trip looks absolutely amazing, I want to jet off there now. The new recycling gallery places seems a little like the papered parlour here in south london without the gallery bit though (mainly workshops and studio space), so nice to think people are setting up initiatives like this.Thank you for the good-luck wishes for my MA course :)Amelia.x

  3. Steve – glad there is someone else old enough to remember them, "Bye bye little old lady" :)Jude – Didsbury is also on my list of places to visit, If I remember there are some lovely shops there too.Wright stuff – you remember them too!Ha ha love it.Amelia – art made out of re-cycled stuff can be really beautiful can't it?My cat is bonkers x

  4. hey waddaya know, 16 years ago(really can it be that long ago!) I was living litteraly round the corner on Brassington ave. The jockey on the green and the Lead Station were my haunts, infact I remember taking this smoking hot blonde there one night and next thing you know 15 years have passed and three kids later we are still together. Got a lot to answer too that place 😀

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