Soap On His Toothbrush


Hello, long time no see.

I’ve been inspired to blog, and hopefully may have regained my blogging mojo – who knows…

My mum and dad split up when I was five.

My brothers, who are a lot older than me, stayed with my dad and I was whisked away with my mum to live with her and her boyfriend.

I can’t remember crying.

I saw my dad every weekend. Life went on, but I was seriously not happy on some level.

My revenge was, I think, looking back, ingenious.

I put soap on my step dad’s toothbrush.

I remember, just before going to bed, rubbing it very gently on top of the bar of soap which was on the sink.

My bedroom was next to the bathroom, and I gleaned a certain amount of satisfaction hearing my step dad splutter and curse when he came to brush his teeth…I did it a couple more times and then it seemed to lose it’s impact and I stopped.

Five years old.

He and my mum have now been together for over 40 years and he is suffering from vascular dementia.

It’s heart breaking to see my mum slowly losing the man she loves. He has been a massive part of my life. The one who helped me get my first car, the one who used to pick me up from parties in the wee small hours of the morning so he knew I was safe, the one who sang daft songs and was generally such a sunny, happy man. He’s still there, but it’s intermittent.

Last week I started following someone on Twitter and he has set up

It’s to raise awareness of dementia, which affects people of all ages.

Here is my one minute sketch. You don’t have to do a sketch you could take a photo, or write some poetry…a few words. It’s up to you.


Please join in.