In Praise Of The Thoughtful Man

One of the things which I love about my job are the gifts which I am asked to make.
It warms me to think that care, love and thought has gone into the purchase of one of my products, and it gives me a real sense of satisfaction if I get feedback to say that the recipient loved it.

Many of my customers are men, and all I can say is that there are some lucky ladies out there.

Recent makes have been.

Wedding vows.

Reckon the sun has gone to my head and made my slushy side emerge.
Thoughtful to me can just mean feeling like I’m a priority (occasionally),
a home cooked meal (yes complete with candles!), little random acts of kindness.
In for a penny… this is my current guilty pleasure.
Hope you had a great weekend. Go Murray!!!

Crazy little thing called

 Sending love to anyone reading this today…and to be completely random I love this song at the moment, it makes me want to dance!

Drum roll….. the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who entered, here I am picking the winner, hope you can see it ok, I think it stops after about 15 seconds and you have to press play again, please will you leave a comment if it’s not working.

Congratulations to Cathy from Potter Jotter I will be in touch.
(I only tidied my room last week and it’s a complete mess again, and I hate how many times I say ‘giveaway’!!).

Will be back later with another post 🙂

P.S. Dont you think it’s weird if you actually hear people speak if you have been following their blog for a while? i often wonder what some of you sound like, and if you have an accent.

Thankyou Giveaway!

 As promised here is a little selection of goodies for one of my lovely followers.

One of my photographs printed onto watercolour paper with a stitched quote underneath which reads:
Look not mournfully into the past.
It comes not back again.
Wisely improve the present.
It is thine.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
It comes on a cream double mount which measures, 25mm x 55mm, ready to be framed, or simply to prop against a wall as it is.

 One of my new hair slides.

 A personalised bookmark. Choose an initial,  and a charm and I’ll make a little fabric tag with a quote/message on it.

I will draw the winner next Tuesday. All you need to do is follow this blog and leave a comment, saying you would like the chance to win. Make sure I can get in touch with you.

Good Luck!

Vintage Inspired Hairslides

I like doing different things with my hair.
Down, up, french plait, pony tail …you get the picture.
I am essentially quite lazy with my hair though, can’t blow dry it for toffee, so will often put it up.
I have a beautiful pair of vintage hair clips which I often wear as mentioned in this post, and I have been on the lookout for something similar. I just can’t seem to find exactly what I want. Nothing too blingy, just a bit of interest to add to my brown locks.
Yesterday I decided to try making my own. Result!


We are back home from the Llyn Peninsular and I am feeling much better. The weather was good on the whole, and there is really nowhere I would rather be than by the sea with my family. We had a simple holiday- no computer (which was blissful for a week!). I didn’t do much drawing but took lots of photographs. My highlights were:
  • Enjoying being in the moment.
  • Walking along the beach, looking at shells and driftwood washed up on the shore.
  • Listening to the ocean and the birds (the birds deserve another post).
  • eating fish and chips on the beach.
  • Going out on a boat, and the skipper asking my eldest son to steer it for a while.
  • watching my little boy totally absorbed in collecting pebbles.
  • enjoying breathtaking views.
  • discovering a new beach thanks to some friends.
  • finishing off our holiday watching my husband finish a 10k race which ended on the beach.
My company isn’t called skybluesea for nothing 🙂
Hope you had a lovely half term. Where is your favourite place to spend time?

New Year, New Layout

Felt in need of a spruce up, and the wonderful ladies at Firecatcher Books obliged.
Just need to find an easy way (please let there be an easy way) to transfer all my posts to the relevant sections (community arts work etc).

That’s me out of mischief for a while no doubt.

Get me being all techno (techno, techno, techno)

Finally I have succumbed –
TWEET ME – skyblueseasky
Find me on Facebook under Handmade by skybluesea.

How annoying that “skybluesea” for both has already be taken, dag nabbit.

I am learning the ropes, so if you do care to find me  – be patient.
Any top tips greatefully received.

Have a fab weekend.

Suze x

A year of blogging!

I am sitting here at my computer, preparing for a meeting this afternoon for a new project in a school, and I have just realised that yesterday was my “blogoversary”. One year ago yesterday I decided to blog about a silversmithing course that I had started to get me out of my creative rut.

Well the silversmithing course is long gone, but I’m STILL here!!

Writing this blog has been one of the best things I have ever done, I think that I have developed a lot over the past year creatively. I have started to go to life drawing again after years of being too lazy /scared/busy and have also started to paint. The creative rut is over and I think I have you to thank for that. You have spurred me on and motivated me. I find it completely weird that a bunch of people I have never met have influenced my life, but there you have it.

I have a fantastic group of friends and family who never read my blog, It just doesn’t ring their bell, and that’s fine – I wouldn’t swap them for the world. They encourage me in their own way.

 I do enjoy this blogging community though.

Thank you if you have ever left a comment or if you are a lurker (I know I have readers from Italy, Spain, France, America etc.), thank you if you follow my blog and frequently read my ramblings. I am really touched that what was initially my online sketchbook has become so much more to me, and your comments make my day.

You bloggers rock!

Now I had better get on and actually do some work 🙂

Suze xxx

Twelve Things (for Lobster and Swan)

 I first mentioned Lobster and Swan in this post and today I have discovered that I am gracing the pages of her blog. I am beyond excited – I know, I know, hardly life-changing, but I have just loved her blog for so long. The post was in response to a request of hers for people to send in pictures of twelve of their possessions that, were they starting over, they would want to take with them. So I sent pictures (click to enlarge) of :
The most beautiful way to open a bottle, two little hairclips with stones missing that I love and wear anyway, a bulldog clip that is always in my work room holding something up, heart stones found on the beach by my loves, memories of friends and family.
I also cheated a bit, I think my quota was up, but I couldn’t resist including…
my beautiful fairy light strewn tailors dummy. She was bought for me as a surprise by my hubby over twenty years ago. She lights up a corner of my dining room and I love her, she’s like one of the family, but very well behaved, and never answers back…
Thanks for including me Jeska x