So I like to play in the sand…

I have just got back from a lovely week in Portugal where I loved:
Playing in the sand,

Swimming in the most beautiful sea,

exploring caves by boat (look at that turquoise!)

and being treated to hidden coves (can you see the man?),

Eating delicious food and loving white washed walls and bunting,

some of which was clearly home made.

Lots going on, lots to post about.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun x

Soothed by the Sea

Hello. Hope you are all well.
I am back off my holidays to the beautiful island of Menorca.
Feeling soothed and ready to roll.
Over the past few days I have enjoyed:
  • the blue (sky, sea, pool).
  • swimming in the sea, and sitting on the sand as the waves crashed around my ankles.
  • watching my little boy learn to snorkel with his daddy.
  • going on a boat trip to a secluded cove and kayaking in the sea there with my daughter.
  • eating coconut ice cream.
  • re-tracing childhood steps and walking along the coast to Cala Alcaufar.
  • dancing (oh yeah)
  • being highly competitive in a male v female pop quiz. My daughter was team captain and we rocked!!!
  • actually enjoying the flight home. I am not the best passenger, but there was a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz on board – inspired! I got to £250.000, then quit. If it had only been the real deal.
  • family time.
Back home to reality, a broken boiler (no heating or hot water), but it’s being fixed, so all is good.


We are back home from the Llyn Peninsular and I am feeling much better. The weather was good on the whole, and there is really nowhere I would rather be than by the sea with my family. We had a simple holiday- no computer (which was blissful for a week!). I didn’t do much drawing but took lots of photographs. My highlights were:
  • Enjoying being in the moment.
  • Walking along the beach, looking at shells and driftwood washed up on the shore.
  • Listening to the ocean and the birds (the birds deserve another post).
  • eating fish and chips on the beach.
  • Going out on a boat, and the skipper asking my eldest son to steer it for a while.
  • watching my little boy totally absorbed in collecting pebbles.
  • enjoying breathtaking views.
  • discovering a new beach thanks to some friends.
  • finishing off our holiday watching my husband finish a 10k race which ended on the beach.
My company isn’t called skybluesea for nothing 🙂
Hope you had a lovely half term. Where is your favourite place to spend time?

Guess where we’ve been?

We have just got back from a wonderful week in Abersoch, Wales. We have had an amazing time and the weather was really hot and sunny – hooray!

This day reminded me of the old AA advert below (really showing my age now!) – it used to make me laugh. 

Will be back soon with lots of other sea-side lovliness x

Little Boxes…

Sometimes it’s amazing when you realise that something that you have almost taken for granted has impacted upon your creativity. The box frame above was a gift from my brother fifteen years ago. I loved (and still love) it, and immediately put in some pictures from holiday, and some shells I had collected over the years.

I must look at it every day, as it’s in my bathroom, but I only just realised that it could easily link to something I made for my mum for her 80th birthday.
This is a picture of mum taken by my dad in the 1950’s. I think the composition is amazing and love the shoes in the right hand corner.
I wanted to make mum something different. I painted a box frame, then lined the inside. The back is made up of a letter I wrote to my mum ( I also attached a copy of the letter to the back of the box in a tiny envelope so she could read it easily). I then suspended fabric tags and one of my necklaces from the top. Everything in there had meaning to the two of us.

I envisage making a range of these boxes based around my family, hopefully to exhibit in the near future. My friend has recently introduced me to the amazing work of Joseph Cornell, and I feel totally inspired by his creations. There is a beautiful book Joseph Cornell: Shadowplay Eterniday by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan and Richard Vine with some lovely images of his work.