In Praise Of The Thoughtful Man

One of the things which I love about my job are the gifts which I am asked to make.
It warms me to think that care, love and thought has gone into the purchase of one of my products, and it gives me a real sense of satisfaction if I get feedback to say that the recipient loved it.

Many of my customers are men, and all I can say is that there are some lucky ladies out there.

Recent makes have been.

Wedding vows.

Reckon the sun has gone to my head and made my slushy side emerge.
Thoughtful to me can just mean feeling like I’m a priority (occasionally),
a home cooked meal (yes complete with candles!), little random acts of kindness.
In for a penny… this is my current guilty pleasure.
Hope you had a great weekend. Go Murray!!!

New Makes

Machine embroidered wings

                                                    Personalised  picture wedding invites

                                                                   Hand embroidery

                                                       Wings on a cushion, with hand stitch

                                                       Quote about friendship on the back

                                               Hairslide – a ‘something blue’ for a bride to be

                                             Personalised necklaces on silver leather thonging

                                                              Hand written quote cushion

                                                              Beautiful words (not mine)

                                                                       Back of cushion….
                                 a little machine embroidered dream catcher to catch all those bad dreams

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
I’m off to watch Django tomorrow. Yee ha! x