New Music Crush Alert!

Yesterday on my drive home from work I heard this man’s beautiful voice on the radio. He had been playing on Radio One’s Live Lounge earlier on in the day. I then of course ‘googled’ him and listened to some more of his music.

That’s it I’m hooked! I think his new album is released next week.

Hozier, you are awesome!

Today was James Bay, and he was also unbelievably good.



Slow Blogging

I was recently talking to a friend and mentioned to her that I have not posted on my blog for ages.
It doesn’t bother me, and I hope it doesn’t bother you – but I am aware of it
She mentioned Slow Blogging, and there are two great articles about it
here and here.

 I am definitely loving the idea of ‘slow blogging’ .

I think that over the past year a new me has started to emerge and  I have been less concerned with documenting and more concerned with ‘doing’.
Documenting as an artist is a really important process for me, but it has definitely taken a bit of a back seat for the moment.

I will still continue to blog, and read my favourites when I can, but the urge to post has diminshed somewhat.

Anyone else feeling the same, I would love to know?

Have a Happy Easter!

I’ll be back shortly with some images of what I’ve been up to.

Thanks for stopping by…

I’ll leave you with this, my song of the moment by Haim .

Two Fingers

Lots to write but no time at the moment.
Orders for America (woo hoo!), commissions and a job application to complete.

I shall leave you with this for the weekend, I’m not a big drinker, I don’t smoke, but love the premise of this song. Sometimes – you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.

Have a good weekend.

This image contains my blood, sweat and tears


Metaphorically and almost literally.

I am learning the art of printmaking, from my amazing friend Denis at the studio.
He has crazily, put my name forward for a print exchange and exhibition (more about that some other time), so on Monday I made my first solar etching plate, from which I have to print up 25 prints!
I loved learning a new process.

 There are parts of the printing process that are very methodical and precise, difficult for wild, messy me to get my head around, but I did genuinely enjoy every bit:

  • choosing the image

  • Using a machine that’s like something from Dr. Who to solar etch the image onto the plate.

  • Inking the plate up. 

Putting my damp paper over the inked up plate then rolling it through the print rollers, then eagerly anticipating what my print will look like when I carefully peel it back from the plate  (THE most exciting bit)!

As for cutting my beautiful paper (all 25 sheets of them 20cms x 20cms), that didn’t go quite as well.
The Stanley knife needed a new blade, and as soon as it had been changed and I used it, I don’t quite now what happened, but I sliced into my finger… how stupid am I? Yes, I agree, VERY.
It was my left hand so all was not too bad. It caused a sleepless Monday night, a nauseous and nearly fainting earlyTuesday morning, and by late morning I was having it dressed by the lovliest of nurses, who informed me that I needed to have a tetanus. Joy.
This week has shown me: 
  1. That having a chest infection and pushing myself is not the best of ideas
  2. What amazing friends I have, one who actually had to wash my hand after having printed again on Wednesday because I couldn’t get my bandage wet and was struggling to get the oil based paint off my right hand., 
  3. That I need to slow down.
  4. How a lovely nurse can really put you at ease. 
  5. How much I take my hands for granted, and really shouldn’t, they are the tools of my trade.
  6. That I love learning new things and being challenged.

Going back to have it dressed again tomorrow. I look like ET. Wish mine would light up…
 Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Music Madness

My musical taste is eclectic to say the least.
Currently loving this

but also found this a couple of days ago by Melody Gardot. Love this video.

I would love to know your favourite songs of the moment, past or present?

Picture this.

At the moment I am working on some new pieces that will hopefully be selected for the next Neoartists exhibition. The painting above is on silk, and although I have a perfectly lovely little (little being the operative word) studio, I chose to do this on the floor in my kitchen.

My poor children must think I am every so slightly mad as they come home from school and see me sprawled out on the floor paintbrush in hand, music blaring.

Sometimes I like to work in silence, with nothing but the chatter in my head to distract me.
 Working on this though my playlist included:

“It’s OK”, Cee Lo Green
“Sweet Disposition”, Temper Trap
“God is a DJ.” Pink
“Swords of a 1000 men “, Ten Pole Tudor (guilty pleasure this song)
“Spiralling”, Keane
“Give You Hell”, The All American Rejects
“Common People”, Pulp
“Dog Days Are Over”, Florence and The Machine.

I now need to go and get my staple gun and make sure it’s all stretched properly.
What’s your favourite song of the moment?

My perfect cousin

My gorgeous cousin David is lead singer in band called The Moby Dicks. I love this video!
They are Up North tonight and have a gig at Odd in Manchester.
Gutted I can’t make it.

David is also an amazing artist ( ’tis in the blood this creativity).

Have a good one tonight guys. Big Love.

Vintage Vinyl

For Christmas my daughter wanted …a record player! How bizarre. In this day of ipods (which she has) and downloadable music of amazing quality, she decided that what she really, really wanted was VINYL! So we found this little beauty by Numark which plays 45’s, 33’s and 78’s (remember those?), and can also digitise the records so that you can convert them into files for the computer. We had a really lovely Christmas morning listening to some of our old records, which we had wrapped up for her, and teaching her how to use it. What a blast from the past.
The singles which adorned the wall of my workroom as seen in this post have subsequently also been snaffled by my daughter. I asked her what was it that she liked about the records so much and she said that it’s the noise that you hear when the stylus first touches the record, as well as all the artwork.I have been re-living my youth – my disco diva phase with “The Jacksons”, my rock chick phase with “Rainbow” and “Queen”, my teenage angst with “Blondie”, and my college years with “Echo and the Bunnymen”, “Soul to Soul” and the fantastic, and still listening to him, now “Bowie” . I wish that I had saved more of them..