In Praise Of The Thoughtful Man

One of the things which I love about my job are the gifts which I am asked to make.
It warms me to think that care, love and thought has gone into the purchase of one of my products, and it gives me a real sense of satisfaction if I get feedback to say that the recipient loved it.

Many of my customers are men, and all I can say is that there are some lucky ladies out there.

Recent makes have been.

Wedding vows.

Reckon the sun has gone to my head and made my slushy side emerge.
Thoughtful to me can just mean feeling like I’m a priority (occasionally),
a home cooked meal (yes complete with candles!), little random acts of kindness.
In for a penny… this is my current guilty pleasure.
Hope you had a great weekend. Go Murray!!!

My love – twenty years on

Beautiful card, thanks my friend H x

“ Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction”
                                                               Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Today is our twentieth wedding anniversary. Writing that sentence seems really odd, it makes me feel ancient, but then I was only 22 when I got married, so of course I’m not (come on, 42 is NOT old) 🙂

My husband and I are so different, opposites on so many levels, but he has always been an amazing friend and we have the same stupid sense of humour. Our values are really similar, the way we bring up our children and our sense of family, plus he is gorgeous 😉

For our anniversary he has bought me a painting.

He has been trawling the internet for months apparently and has managed to buy me something incredible.
He has bought me a painting done by my great, great grandfather Edwin Ellis .

It has come all the way from a gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It used to hang in the “English Club”, which was closed down and the painting was rescued by the gallery. It is propped against my sofa at the moment. It’s really heavy and we want to make sure that we put it up securely. My husband thought that I would hate the frame, but the first thing I said when I saw it was that I loved the frame. It’s part and parcel of it, and has a beautiful patina.
 I don’t know the title of the painting, or where it is, but it will more than likely be somewhere on the British coast. Anyone any ideas?
The rocks look very striking and I wonder if the little boy in the picture could have been my great grandfather.

I am stunned, overwhelmed, to think I actually own something he painted. I keep scrutinising his brushstrokes and the way he has applied the paint.
I am so pleased that my mum can see it too.
The little card I sent him by freya-art.
Here’s to another twenty years my love, (as if he would even read this, like I say opposites!),
but then they say opposites attract…