New Makes

Machine embroidered wings

                                                    Personalised  picture wedding invites

                                                                   Hand embroidery

                                                       Wings on a cushion, with hand stitch

                                                       Quote about friendship on the back

                                               Hairslide – a ‘something blue’ for a bride to be

                                             Personalised necklaces on silver leather thonging

                                                              Hand written quote cushion

                                                              Beautiful words (not mine)

                                                                       Back of cushion….
                                 a little machine embroidered dream catcher to catch all those bad dreams

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
I’m off to watch Django tomorrow. Yee ha! x



 I went to my studio on Thursday and I was compelled to paint this on one of the walls.
“Believe”  one of the definitions of which is ” to expect with confidence”.
It is a word which keeps coming back to me for whatever reason, and was the word I chose to put on the cover I made for my 2012 diary…

 and has also found it’s way onto the fridge with the aid of my sons Innocent Smoothie fridge magnets (sadly missing another ‘E’, but you get the picture).

 The day in my studio was good, if not a little strange. It was odd being in a different space. I have put some of my stuff up on the walls, and fiddled about trying to make some things. Not very successfully.
 I don’t know if it will work for me, but I am prepared to give it a go. I didn’t have my camera and took these on my phone – not the clearest of pictures but at least a record of that first ‘proper’ day.

It was good to have lunch there and to talk to some of the other artists. I have been on my own for too long.
My confidence ebbs and flows, as I know it does with so many creatives.
Time to BELIEVE.
I am going to create some new wonderful art.
So there 🙂
Have a lovely weekend x


 These samples are all gracing my cork wall at the moment, and hopefully over the next few days I will make sense of them and they will become artworks.

I have a piece of work ‘After Whistler Two’ in the new Neoartists exhibition ‘Transition’. When it was my turn to watch the gallery I took lots of materials and started sampling there. I really want to use some of my life drawings in my textiles.

Detail ‘After Whisler Two’

Beautiful Wednesday (not)

I had no patience. It wasn’t a beautiful Wednesday.
I did take a breath, eventually, and made this.

Not quite sure what I’m going to do with it.

Change (for the better).

Slightly confused (no change there then), went to pick up the work that didn’t get in to the West Lancashire Open Art Exhibition, and it’s the one I thought that did!

Happy though because ‘P.O.Tel’ is based around my dad.

Looking forward to the private view on Friday.

Art, History or Geography?

How about all three, with some D.T and literacy thrown in just for good measure!
Below is a project I did a few weeks ago with a Year 5 class (9 and 10 year olds).
They were looking at Viking settlements, but also in relation to Geography and the water cycle.
I was asked to do natural dyeing with them and also felt-making.
The children did lots of little sketches and then choose a few to make a big design.

 When they had sketched out their design we pinned it up on the wall to refer to as they translated it with the wool tops. We used a pre-felt as a background.
 The children used some felt which they had already made, to cut out the trees and the long boat.
 The whole thing was then covered with net and hot soapy water applied. This was then rubbed and patted until the fibres started to fuse together. It was then rolled…a lot!
 When the felt had dried the children stitched into it to add some interest, and they also made embroidered labels which could be attached with velcro, to make the wall hanging interactive (alas I forgot to photograph these).

I think the finished piece looked amazing. The children had learnt lots of new processes and had really been given the chance to experiment beforehand, and the teachers feel confident to replicate the project next year.
All felting materials from the wonderful Fibrecrafts.
What do you think? Click to enlarge.

Stitched Words

As you may have gathered if you notice my buttons on the right of my blog I have joined Pinterest.
I am hooked.
It is basically a place where you can store ideas/images online, a virtual sketchbook if you will.A few weeks ago, I pinned a picture of a printed love note duvet cover which I had seen at Sally Jean .
As part of my my daughters 18th birthday present, I made her something inspired by the duvet cover.
It is a cream patchwork throw, with hand embroidered quotes on it, and also buttonhole stitched hearts made from some antique lace which I had. I pictured her in her room at college, snuggled up under it watching  television, (unfortunately I then thought of wild college parties and it being covered in red wine!).
Thankfully she loved it.
It has since inspired me to make another present for a friend, which I am going to start selling in my shop. A hand embroidered quote cushion.
 What would yours say?

Creativity and Cake

 Yesterday we had a bit of a ‘stitch and bitch’ at my house with my daughter and some of her friends, except without the bitchin’!

 I got loads of my materials out for them, and we had a couple of hours of making, drinking, eating and chatting.

 The things they made were gorgeous.

 Little lavender bags.

Beautiful hand stitch, and the beginnings of some lovely wall hangings.

What we ate…pavlova which my daughter made. Utterly scrumdiddlyumptious!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Beneath The Surface

“Beneath The Surface” opened today at The Neoartists Gallery and I have had two pieces exhibited.

“Deep Blue”
“Searching For Pokemon”
My photographs of the full piece are awful, I’ll take some more when I go to the gallery, but these give you a taster. It’s a bit of a bizarre concoction; photographs of my son age 4 diving for his, you guessed it …Pokemon. transferred onto fabric, with stitch , rusty bulldog clips ( I am collecting them if you have any spare? 🙂 ) and washed up bits of sea glass.

The Red Dot

A few weeks ago I submitted some work for a Neoartists exhibition entitled ” A Soupcon 2″.
Three of my pieces were selected and I am so pleased because I have sold them all, as signified by the red dot.
Really happy 🙂