…and so it begins

Blog Jan 2014

photo by David Bellemére via Marie Claire Italia

Happy New Year.

I hope that it is a wonderful one for you all.

I have recently stumbled upon a writer and her work resonates massively with me. Her name is Victoria Erickson and much of her work can be found here. I maybe late to the party (no change there then), but her work is really inspiring. I pinned this quote below and it has become my most pinned pin on my Pinterest Board “Write This Down”. I hope that some of them inspire you, and give you some inspiration for the coming year.

I don’t know what it is with words, text, lyrics and poetry. They move me…big time. Maybe because it’s a skill I don’t have.

victoria erikson

Victoria Erikson

Tomorrow I’m going to the beach, to get a dose of more magic. Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “…and so it begins

  1. Weird just how things sometimes come about.
    I literally stumbled on your blog whilst chasing up a painting of mine.
    It appears we have paintings in common.
    That aside I enjoyed your writing here and though I have been a bit slow at my blog in recent times, you have inspired me further. B

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