So I like to play in the sand…

I have just got back from a lovely week in Portugal where I loved:
Playing in the sand,

Swimming in the most beautiful sea,

exploring caves by boat (look at that turquoise!)

and being treated to hidden coves (can you see the man?),

Eating delicious food and loving white washed walls and bunting,

some of which was clearly home made.

Lots going on, lots to post about.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun x

10 thoughts on “So I like to play in the sand…

  1. Those are some amazing caves, the colour of the sea is just so in inviting I could quite easily jump right in. I spotted the man….just . Either he's a midget or its a really big cave? And missy, trust you to find the nudy cave!! Glad you had a good time, it looks fab……..sooo jealous!!!!

  2. how absolutely wonderful – just looking at the pictures I feel relaxed…such a slower pace – I bet it felt so good!no vacation for me this summer – had to spend my time on family matters…but we have been have a sunny and dry summer at home (the best summer I can remember) so its great just to lounge in the backyard whenever I get a chance!

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