Slow Blogging

I was recently talking to a friend and mentioned to her that I have not posted on my blog for ages.
It doesn’t bother me, and I hope it doesn’t bother you – but I am aware of it
She mentioned Slow Blogging, and there are two great articles about it
here and here.

 I am definitely loving the idea of ‘slow blogging’ .

I think that over the past year a new me has started to emerge and  I have been less concerned with documenting and more concerned with ‘doing’.
Documenting as an artist is a really important process for me, but it has definitely taken a bit of a back seat for the moment.

I will still continue to blog, and read my favourites when I can, but the urge to post has diminshed somewhat.

Anyone else feeling the same, I would love to know?

Have a Happy Easter!

I’ll be back shortly with some images of what I’ve been up to.

Thanks for stopping by…

I’ll leave you with this, my song of the moment by Haim .


13 thoughts on “Slow Blogging

  1. How peculiar, I was just thinking the same thing! I've had a very lean month when it comes to blogging. I just seem to be running out of things to say… That said though, I have signed up for the Blogging A-Z month in April where I'll be posting for 26 days on a letter-by-letter theme. We'll if I get past C!!

  2. Hehe, slow(no) blogging is the new black!I have been in a position that have lots to say but I would rather not inflict it on the world(web). Not that its anything bad its just not that good…lets face it, if it bores me then its gonna bore you lot. Some times its the silence between the words that say the most, no?That said I can feel one building up!

  3. I do find myself trying to make a blog post out of almost nothing sometimes and thinking what's the point. I should be like you and make quality count more than quantity! I have just read your last four posts all at once and they are all superb, especially the Mayo Jar Professor one! xCathy

  4. I too slow blog a lot these days, at one time I blogged every day. I love writing and the flow that comes with it once the thoughts translate into words, but life gets hecticly and chaotically in the way, and then someimes the flow stops and the blog just can't take shape. Lovely calling by and I look forward to more posts, Posie

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