On Friday I went to neoartists studios to pick up my box of prints from the 20:20 Print exchange which I have been involved in.
What started out in 2009 with just 10 members of Hot Bed Press and 10 members of Red Hot Press in Southampton, has grown to now involve 392 artists from 30 print workshops.
For me it has been a real learning curve, getting the editions to have some kind of consistency, but what a bonus for all my hard work to receive a box of one of my own prints plus 19 randomly selected prints from the other studios.

                                                           My prints ready to be sent off

                                                        A selection of the prints in my box

                            You can view all the prints here, mine is in the section with neoartists.

                                                                 ‘Be Bold and Amazing’

Friday night was the private view of the Hot Bed Press 20:20 print exchange, and I feel very privileged to have my work included within such a wonderful selection of work.
The exhibition will be touring the country.

I am not the social butterfly type, and I always consider myself to be slightly awkward in many social settings, so my initial thought was not to go.
However with a little encouragement from a friend (that would be you James), I went and was glad that I did because all the prints together look striking, and it was lovely to see some familiar faces there.

Think I need to be a bit more Bold and Amazing.


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