Just So

As well as being a collection of stories by Rudyard Kipling ‘Just So’ is also a magical family friendly weekend long festival aimed at children, young people and their families.
I went for the day last Sunday with friends and my eight year old and we had a brilliant time.
There were live bands, dens in the woods, pirates, fairies, circus skills, story telling, mud, baby disco, lots of things to make and do, fairy lights, Pimms…  🙂

Massive highlight for me…the food stalls, and in particular cheese pie, mash and gravy out of a box from pieminister. Divine.

Hope you have had a lovely Summer.


7 thoughts on “Just So

  1. Steve – ha ha, drinking Pimms in our kagools…we were so stylish!!Jude – I also tried the pizza, pancakes,cakes, toasties…I could go on.Hope you had a lovely time. Trish – Those pies were the best!

  2. It's great how good some festival food actually is these days – I had a 'proper' burger (not the kind I tell my kids not to eat!) at one not long ago and it was completely wonderful. Enjoy the outdoors while you can … you know what's round the corner! xCathy

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