The Torch, The Jubilee and The Transit of Venus

Covent Garden
My friend’s yummy cake.
Busy week this week. Last weekend I visited my daughter In London. It was great to see all the preparations for the Queen’s Jubilee, and there was a definite buzz.

 Then on Friday morning the Olympic Torch passed through my home town. At about six twenty a.m. (how early!!). My friend and I took our boys – they might never get the opportunity to see that happen again.

  Sunday it was party time in the local village. It rained, but it didn’t dampen the spirits.

Randomly, today and tomorrow is also when the Transit of Venus occurs. This won’t happen again until 2117.  Hope you have all enjoyed the long weekend.


6 thoughts on “The Torch, The Jubilee and The Transit of Venus

  1. It's been a busy week for our country, hasn't it. The Olympic torch will come to my town in July, thankfully at a more respectable 10.30pm. Love the video for the transit of Venus. That's how I'd like all astronomy to be explained!

  2. It's been a great weekend. Went to a street party yesterday which was such fun (it didn't rain, though it was freezing!!).The torch goes past work so we're having a party to celebrate. It must be so exciting to see it!

  3. Wright Stuff – I can't believe how cold it's been!! Enjoy your party.Tom – ha ha, bet she could teach you a trick or two..Steve – pesky rain interfering with everything

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