Amazing what you see on your desk

I took this picture with instagram on my phone. It’s completely random, just stuff on my desk in the studio, (tags, paintbrush, thread, torn pages from a book, a scrap of leather, a large image of my sons baby scan photo blown up and printed on to acetate). There’s something about it that I love though, it reminds me of being underwater for some strange reason.

 I have changed the stuff on my wall too, in the search for inspiration. Ideas are slowly evolving.

My desk.

Playing with ink and an old ink nib which belonged to my dad. Thanks for the inspiration Denis.


3 thoughts on “Amazing what you see on your desk

  1. How have I missed your last few posts? Anyway, I have seen them all now, and beautiful they are. Your work is very well worth putting out into the world. If I say anymore, I'll start to sound like a Chinese fortune cookie.

  2. Steve – A very disorganised, messy desk…but thanks for seeing the beauty.Tom – I am honoured you think so. I rate your opinion Mr. Stepenson.

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