Meeting Myself Coming Back

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” Albert Einstein

Life is crazy busy at the moment, yet amidst all the madness there are some lovely things happening.
My work ‘The Magic of Believing’ has been selected for the latest Neoartists exhibition, ‘About Face’

 It is a found mirror, which I have painted, with hand stencilled letters and glass etch.

 I also found out last week that my work ‘Searching For Pokemon’

has been selected for The Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, Open Craft Exhibition, which opens on Saturday, so I’ll post pictures then.
I have secured a position in a primary school as artist in residence for a day a week for a whole year!!! So I am really excited about that. I start in September.
Last week I also started a short course in arts for health and well being at university…so I have had to put my studying head back on, challenging but hopefully really interesting and worthwhile.
Finally, Neoartists have launched neo:artprize, with £1000.00 prize money up for grabs, so please share the link to any budding artists you know.


Hope life is treating you all well. I need to catch up on everyone’s blogs!


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