The human heart

I had to take mum to hospital a couple of weeks ago. She had to see a spinal surgeon because she is in a lot of pain with her back. As we were waiting I sketched in my notebook and started thinking about hearts, but not in my usual way, must have been my environment. When I got home I started machine embroidering and this is what I have come up. Still really works in progress.
 Reverse applique, cutting through the layers.

Why does this remind me of some evil Tweenie?
 “and the heart is hard to translate it has a language of its own” Florence and the Machine.
I also made some more wax hearts, but the wax was too hot and I ended up meting my molds. Drat.
You live, you learn.
Hello to new followers (waves) 🙂

8 thoughts on “The human heart

  1. Yes, an Evil tweenie. I loved this when I saw this on twitter and the melted hearts, well that could be all part of the plan, you know things often do make your heart melt!

  2. I just love anything to do with hearts – they're scattered around my house with abandon!Hope your mum's back gets sorted – back pain is so restrictive on life x

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