Alan Watts on Nothingness

My lovely daughter has just made me listen to this. I think it’s rather beautiful.
Alan Watts on Nothingness

I have recently started to meditate, to try and calm my frazzled mind, and I absolutely love it.
I seem to have so many things going round in my head, looking at the past, trying to imagine what the future holds.
I need to practice mindfulness and live in the moment for a change.
Try and let my thoughts be nothing.
Make all the chatter STOP…or at least try…just for a little while.

Apparently it also can also boost the immune system.

I have a few guided meditations which I listen to, but my favourite one is called buddhify, I love the man’s voice – he sounds smiley.

Does anyone else meditate, or anyone thought about it?
Or have you all run away and think that I have finally lost the plot? 🙂

I think that my story might just be beginning…

7 thoughts on “Alan Watts on Nothingness

  1. Alan Watts! The original british mystic! I haven't heard that name for years, and love the sound bites you've linked to. I used to meditate, but found it so very hard to silence the chatter……or to let the chatter just pass like clouds. I'd often end up 'thinking' instead! When it worked though, I really did feel more serenity in my life. Hope your practice develops and you find a way to keep up the habit.

  2. Anything that makes the chatter in my head go away would be a good thing … I generally use wine as the short term solution to calm… your method seems much healthier x

  3. I just bought a book and accompanying meditation cd for the exact same reasons as you outline! My brain NEVER switches off and its wearing me out! Will let you know how I get on…. maybe I'll be too relaxed to blog! Ha ha! xC

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