This studio is making me go all 3D!!

Todays makes.

Working somewhere different is having a bit of an impact on my work.
Last week I started to trap things in wax, but I used soya wax (my candles of preference), and it failed miserably. The wax just wouldn’t stay whole as I pushed it out of the molds.
So I tried melting some other old candles and…it worked – YAY!
I dangled the results from my studio window.

I also used a heart shaped ice cube mould to melt wax into.
I have created lots of these. The hearts contain words (positive emotions) which ground us and the wings, which are hand drawn and coated with wax, negative emotions – which need to FLY.
Just need to decide how to display them.

Still not got my camera, but I am having fun with instagram on my phone.


11 thoughts on “This studio is making me go all 3D!!

  1. Jen – thank you :)Trish – it still feels a bit strange, but I am gradually getting used to itSteve – ;)Tom – ha ha! – and would you believe it one of the other artists I share with works in stone too. There is a brilliant 3D workshop there.

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