Afternoon tea and a good book.

I love a good book.

Something to take me to faraway places and become completely absorbed in someone else’s adventures.
A place to escape.
Victoria Hislop writes books that I don’t want to put down.
She creates wonderful characters with unusual plots, and I have not only enjoyed her books but I have learnt from them too.
Her latest book is called The Thread and I loved it on many levels, but particularly because one of the main characters is a talented embroideress. There were descriptions of a haberdashery shop which just reminded me of being a little girl and going in to similar shops as a child. For me they were better than sweetie shops.
Last week I went to a book signing of ‘The Thread’ at the wonderful Hoghton Tower arranged by Silverdell Books.

 I went alone, as I only managed to bag a ticket at the last minute, and had one of the lovliest afternoons.
I met another lady who had also gone on her own and we sat next to one another whilst we had afternoon tea. She was really lovely company.

 The tables looked amazing, and I wish that I had taken a picture of the food because it looked so lovely.  Sorry, as soon as it came it was gone within a matter of minutes 🙂
Radio Lancashire were there and interviewed Victoria about her work. She was such an interesting lady, and seemed very approachable.
We had a chat, just as I was pouring my first cup of tea, which I managed to spill all over the table – how silly did I feel?…but she was just lovely and quickly moved my bag out of the way as the tea cascaded down the side of the table. Thank goodness it didn’t go on her.

This was the view as I left to go back to my car. Look at that drive! A wonderful inspiring afternoon.


10 thoughts on “Afternoon tea and a good book.

  1. Oh I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book as much as I did. It didn't occur to me about the embroidery link to you!And you met the lady herself? How fabulous is that!You should link this review via Twitter to the Headline Review people; I'm sure they would appreciate it.

  2. Trish – I wish you could have come. Have tweeted the link :)John – kindred spirits are great for the soul, and meeting those you admire is really uplifting xJulie – Fabulous isn't it, so grand.Cathy – I highly recommend it.Ann – I actually used those very words on the day – 'magical' .

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