Inspiring Blogs

I have found an amzaing new blog via Pinterest called The Jealous Curator, to quote, ‘A collection of artwork that inspires and depresses me. I know it’s good when I’m left thinking damn I wish I’d thought of that.’

I am particularly loving the post about Regine Ramseier and her installation with dandelion seedheads.
(we used to pretend to tell the time with these by blowing them – how does THAT work?!!).

I really wanted to share these images of her work ,taken from her website.
 I hope I don’t get slapped hands.
Too stunning for words.
Have a lovely weekend my lovlies.

5 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogs

  1. This is very beautiful, it reminds me of a garden I built for a client a while ago. They wanted a 'lawn of dandilions and wildflowers' , it took two days of planting them, then the following day I was at another client spending five hours pulling dandilions OUT of their lawn! I am in your neck of the woods for a long weekend tomorrow visiting my old mate jnr, do you remember him? X

  2. Amy – it's gorgeous isn't it?Steve – Warping of reality – I'm In ;)Joe – that made me laugh out loud. A massiiiive – one o'clock would be no good at all :)and no I don't remember jnr (sorry), although I do remember a song called 'Intuition' was that by him?!! Ha ha.

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