Sewing for a reason.

Louise who has the blog Sew Scrumptious is involved in a brilliant project called Dress a girl around the world and people who can sew are invited to send in a simple pillowcase dress to send on to a little girl.
Now obviously I can sew, but pattern cutting is a different story. I am always destined to sew wrong side to right, and get exceptionordinarily muddled (I am also reading Clarice Spells Trouble  by the wonderful Lauren Child, to my son, hence that amazing word ‘exceptionordinarily’, which fits in rather well).
Basically – I’m rubbish at making clothes, but I didn’t let this stop me, and after a few choice words, here is my dress which is now safely in the hands of Louise.

Feel free to join in if you want to, it is an easy pattern to follow 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sewing for a reason.

  1. What a lovely dress, having trailed the highstreet for similar for my girls all we are able to find are trashy glitter covered 80's style chav wear or depressing emo kits.That dress will make someone very happy. Well done, top of the class.

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