Lavender and a love of the garden

Last year I posted some glimpses of my garden.
My husband made us a long planter which we grew runner beans in last year, and  this year I have planted lavender in it.
I love looking at it from out of my kitchen window and seeing the bees doing their thing. I walk past it most days and just brush it with my hand and then inhale its beautiful aroma. I picked some yesterday and put it in a little vase.
We spent a night in the Lake District last week, and the hotel where we stayed had the most beautiful vegetable garden.
I really feel like we are coming to the end of Summer now, and the trees are already beginning to turn.
I love Autumn, but it seems to have come round so soon!
Have a lovely weekend x

8 thoughts on “Lavender and a love of the garden

  1. beautiful photos…I have lavendar planted along the south side of the house – its the perfect plant for me since I am a terrible gardener – it loves being abused!and yes…autumn is coming much too fast!

  2. TheMadHouse – Sounds good, will definitely have a look into it. amyd – we are lavender lovers as well (although who isn't?)Wrightstuff – will be tweeting you about how to take lavender cuttings…

  3. I adore your garden and you've made it so beautiful. I have added a link to your blog on my site as I think more people should see it.I wish I had more time to visit, but maybe

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