Hipstamatic Heaven

My husband has given me his old iphone. I am very grateful as I have always lusted after the hipstamatic app. I love the 1970’s vibe of the photos. You never quite know how your picture will turn out too.
There are loads of different effects and ‘lenses’ that you can use, and different border styles.
 Here are some of my first pics.
This is my favourite, it will definitely appear in an artwork at some point.
I have lots to tell you, but little inclination to write at the moment. No doubt all my thoughts and feelings will come spilling out in a post in the not too distant future.
Hope Summer is treating you all well x

12 thoughts on “Hipstamatic Heaven

  1. They are lovely are'nt they? I'm a bit addicted to the Instagram app. I love that I can instantly apply a filter that takes the final image a little closer to how I view the image in my head! If that makes sense?!Kathryn

  2. I too have extensive gardens.. mostly Japanese influence… but I do have a lot of lavender bushes and they are my favorite scent.. your gardens are beautiful and I am going to try that histamatic app too.

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