Inspiration Snap!

I have just been looking at Amy’s latest post, showing how she has been inspired to create art from artist’s tools ( including used paint tubes, brushes and also fountain pen nibs).
 It made me smile because I am in the process of creating something similar, using photographs of these beautiful pen nibs.

‘Made in eleven widths of point’ it says.

Where is the eleventh?
What stories did it write? Did it go on any far flung adventures? Did it splodge ink all over the page?

They belonged to my dad, and must be over eighty years old because as well as his name, he has written his form at school.
I love the way the elastic has been stitched in place to hold them tight.
I wonder if there will ever come a time when he stops creeping into my work?
Why am I still so enthralled by the most basic of objects which belonged to him?  
Will post pics when I have finished whatever it is that they become a part of.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration Snap!

  1. you are the sweetest! thanks for mentioning me and my blog! and double thanks for enjoying my collages – we ARE on the same wavelength…I can't wait to see what you do with your nibs…I have an old english transferware teacup filled to the brim with nibs – I pick them up whenever I see them…and I won't even start on how parents influence us after they have passed on…for me, its my mom….enjoy the rest of your week!oxoxamy

  2. I'm so ancient that I can remember using pens with nibs like this in my junior school.We each had a desk with a hole at the top for the pot of ink.I still like to write with a fountain pen, it forms such lovely shapes. Thick and thin, do you know what I mean?Enthralled by basic objects ??I think that's wonderful, often the most simple thing is the most interesting.Briony (not a rice dish. lol)x

  3. Steve – thanks SteveAmy – I was so inspired when i read your post, I had to post straight away!Amelia – 'stay enthralled' – will do xCathy – I was too (showing our age…)Seth – Thanks Seth.Briony – I know exactly what you mean about writing with ink.I will always think of you as biryani (byriani??) Briony now, tee hee!!!

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