Soothed by the Sea

Hello. Hope you are all well.
I am back off my holidays to the beautiful island of Menorca.
Feeling soothed and ready to roll.
Over the past few days I have enjoyed:
  • the blue (sky, sea, pool).
  • swimming in the sea, and sitting on the sand as the waves crashed around my ankles.
  • watching my little boy learn to snorkel with his daddy.
  • going on a boat trip to a secluded cove and kayaking in the sea there with my daughter.
  • eating coconut ice cream.
  • re-tracing childhood steps and walking along the coast to Cala Alcaufar.
  • dancing (oh yeah)
  • being highly competitive in a male v female pop quiz. My daughter was team captain and we rocked!!!
  • actually enjoying the flight home. I am not the best passenger, but there was a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ quiz on board – inspired! I got to £250.000, then quit. If it had only been the real deal.
  • family time.
Back home to reality, a broken boiler (no heating or hot water), but it’s being fixed, so all is good.

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