Urban Walls

Really love the idea of text on the wall by Urban Walls.

In this house over the weekend we also did Harry Potter and the deathly hallows (Part two).

It was awesome!


6 thoughts on “Urban Walls

  1. We have a similar mural on our wall but rather than words of wisdom we have badly scrawled musings of a 3year old……..in WAX CRAYONS!!! Not really feeling the boy wizard thing, guess I am the wrong gender…..(yes that's aimed at you Steve :D)

  2. Amelia – hello you! Hope you are good, mad busy with your work I know xSteve – Fantastic – we need seckies,as in seconds,as in …we need to go see it AGAIN!) :)Joebloggs – ah yes I do remember the dainty doodles of infant crayoning on some of my walls :0 (and BTW Harry Potter just for girls – grrrr, is not!!!) Hope you are well 🙂

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