Art, History or Geography?

How about all three, with some D.T and literacy thrown in just for good measure!
Below is a project I did a few weeks ago with a Year 5 class (9 and 10 year olds).
They were looking at Viking settlements, but also in relation to Geography and the water cycle.
I was asked to do natural dyeing with them and also felt-making.
The children did lots of little sketches and then choose a few to make a big design.

 When they had sketched out their design we pinned it up on the wall to refer to as they translated it with the wool tops. We used a pre-felt as a background.
 The children used some felt which they had already made, to cut out the trees and the long boat.
 The whole thing was then covered with net and hot soapy water applied. This was then rubbed and patted until the fibres started to fuse together. It was then rolled…a lot!
 When the felt had dried the children stitched into it to add some interest, and they also made embroidered labels which could be attached with velcro, to make the wall hanging interactive (alas I forgot to photograph these).

I think the finished piece looked amazing. The children had learnt lots of new processes and had really been given the chance to experiment beforehand, and the teachers feel confident to replicate the project next year.
All felting materials from the wonderful Fibrecrafts.
What do you think? Click to enlarge.

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