Jumping In

‘Life Class’ conte crayon on paper.

Tommorrow morning a courier is coming to my house to pick up three of my drawings, which I have had framed, and take them to Liverpool.
 I am entering them into a drawing competition. It is quite  a prestigious competition and I’m sure I don’t stand an earthly chance of being selected and yet… there is a part of me now that says “where’s it written that you don’t stand a chance, why not?”.
This voice is gradually getting louder and for once has made all my other insecure voices start to fade.

If I don’t enter I definitely won’t stand a chance, so I’m going to give it a go.

                                               ‘Seated Nude’ Conte Crayon

I have been a bit grumpy today, I think it’s nerves. I can’t believe how long it took me to get them all framed up and ready, and to fill in all the application forms. It’s good experience.
I also sold this on Monday
Hope it’s a good omen.

11 thoughts on “Jumping In

  1. HI just found your blog via the british mummy bloggers network – great to see there are quite a few artists. am very keen to get into NOTHS as someone said my work would go down well there. I do children's portraits – you can see my work on my website which is http://www.moyrascott.com. hmm really ought to link there from my blog at the very least eh! my son is 3 and so am just getting a bit of time to focus on this business idea. just got my first non friend of friend commission. so early days but am hopeful it will be a part of my portfolio career!

  2. you just never know…certainly if you don't enter – glad you went ahead with it all. I recently submitted for a juried show – figured I wouldn't get in – and lo and behold – I did! along with all those "real" artists! And if it sells, I will hardly be able to contain myself!best of luck to you – keep us posted!amy of four corners design

  3. get stuff done – Helloooo! good luck with it all :)amyd – well done you!Will definitely let you know what happens xSteve – sweet talker ;)Julie – Thanks for your encouragement, both here and on Flickr and Facebook. Getting my act together (framing etc) is no mean feat, ha ha!

  4. How funny – my art student daughter was going to take one of hers to this, but opted out at the last minute as her best work was already in her degree show, saying 'nevermind – I'll win it next year.' The optimism of youth! Good for you for entering – hope you do well!

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