Life is a song

I carry my dad with me in my heart always, but at some times of the year he really is in the forefront of my mind.

Last week his granddaughter turned eighteen.

He would have been so immensely proud of the young woman she has turned into, and it makes me feel sad that he can’t see all the amazing potential she shows, but hey that’s life.
Twice within the past week I have been told that one of my boys also really has a look of my dad.
It sort of takes me by surprise. He is no longer here and yet his presence is felt in so many different ways.

Thinking of him with such love today. I was a lucky lady to have him as my dad.

He loved his music and these lyrics always remind me of him. he used to listen to the Count Basie and Tony Bennett version…

Life is a song, let’s sing it together.

Let’s take our hearts and dip them in rhyme,

Let’s learn the words, let’s learn the music together,

Hoping the song lasts for a long, long time.

Life is a song that goes on forever.

Love’s old refrain can never go wrong.

Let’s strike the note Mendelssohn wrote concerning spring weather,

Let’s sing together and make life a song.

Don’t be afraid of the future

All of our plans will come through

How can they fail with love on our side

They’ll never fail, we won’t be denied

All the world’s a symphony, for you , for me.

Happy Fathers Day to any dad’s reading this.

9 thoughts on “Life is a song

  1. Trish – Cheers!Here's to our Dad's.Sea Angels – I didn't know about Isobel – she was my tutor along with Judy and Anne. It was a tough course, but I'm glad I did it 🙂 (I wonder if our paths have ever crossed?) xxMothersalwaysright – ThankyouSteve – He was old school, not to be messed with, but full of love .

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