Mermaid Memories

When I was a little girl I used to want to be a mermaid, (I think I may have shared this with you before).
Two of the earliest dolls I remember were mermaid dolls, one had green hair the other lustrous orange locks.
I must have been about four when they were bought for me.
I also remember sitting watching the film Miranda , a very old black and white film, about a mermaid.

My mum would tell me all about mermaids and I was enthralled with the idea, sitting on a rock, combing my hair, wearing all manner of mermaid jewels, luring sailors (well that came a bit later… not REALLY).

I have two books about them “Mermaids” by Beatrice Phillips, which has one of my favourite mermaid paintings on the cover by John William Waterhouse.

The other book was bought for me eleven years ago and is an anthology of verse and prose.
My mum has written inside it, “Because you always wanted to be a mermaid.”
I love it when I find a book which I haven’t looked at for ages and whoever bought it for me has written something inside.

 These are my only other two mermaid items also bought for me by my mum,. The little statue when I was about ten years old, and the ring when I was about seventeen.
These are a couple of paintings which I did ages ago, inspired by pictures from the books.
It’s no wonder I spend so much time in the bath…
Have a lovely weekend x

9 thoughts on “Mermaid Memories

  1. I was lucky enough to go to the Waterhouse exhibition at the RSA a couple of years ago. I was blown away. When you see these paintings up close they are incredible. The colours pop. The detail is amazing.Your paintings are gorgeous though. I want to see more!!

  2. Mermaids, like fairies, are such wonderful things to believe in and belief in them seems to encapsulate childhood. It's always sad when you say goodbye to that belief.

  3. Wrightstuff – they have a few of his paintings at Manchester City Art Gallery, they are exquisite.Steve – yep, I've always been away with the fairies ;)Tom – indeed 🙂

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