Looking forward to heading to the…

We will be heading to the coast of Wales in a few days.
I’m looking forward to family time, walks on the beach, the sea breeze and a change of scenery.
I feel the need to catch my breath and be somewhere completely different just for a few days.
P.S. All three of my artworks were selected for the ‘Art In the Garden’ exhibition.
Still doing my life drawing. I  now nearly have enough work for a solo show.
Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me or left a positive comment.
I’m off to get my toes wet 🙂

14 thoughts on “Looking forward to heading to the…

  1. Congrats on the artworks, keep plugging away! As for the Wales trip, have a great time and say hello to the locals for me.p.s try and get over to Hells mouth beach, a real treat esp when a bit stormy 😉

  2. Tom – thanks. I left a comment on your blog about receiving my Thai crystal – don't know if you deleted it or if it never materialised,Blogger has been playing up again.

  3. Just found you through Amelia's blog. your work is wonderful and I shall be back to explore further. I also have a love of the sea and coast.Best wishesSue xx

  4. Lottie – you are more than welcome to loiter here anytime xxxJohn – We did! It was so lovely and the weather was beautiful – we were really fortunate.Susan – hello – thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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