Here I am on the floor painting. I have a small, if not perfectly formed studio where I create, but for whatever reason if I’m painting then more often than not I end up in the kitchen, often on the floor. Most odd.

 I also have a wall in my studio covered in cork which I pin stuff on to and then step back and re-arrange. I find this method of working a great way of collecting my ideas – like a great big ever changing sketchbook page.

 ‘Traces -Two’ all ready to be submitted. It was going to go under glass but I accidentaly smashed it :0
I then found my lovely rusty bulldog clip, which my friend Helen sent to me (thanks again lovely you), and voila – who needs glass?

 I like the way it is suspended from my stitched cord.

When I’ve finished my work I have started to put it up on the wall to take a picture of, I think it helps you see the size.


11 thoughts on “Traces

  1. beautiful work and beautiful blue! I work in odd ways too and totally resonate with the thing of pinning up a myriad of images and bits on the wall. My studio space looks like this – but using blu tac. I love hearing how artists work!Just spent a tiring day hanging work for an art and cocktails show open evening tomorrow! Wish you lived closer and could come along and we could get to meet! :)Amelia.x

  2. Amazing!!! If that was me I would be covered in blue from head to toe like the Vegas Blue men yet you are in a billowy cardigan in NEUTRAL!Like the picture/painting/cyanatope. πŸ™‚

  3. Amelia – art and cocktails? Wish I lived nearer too!joebloggs – ah but did you really think I would show you the pictures of me looking like some smurf? I am notoriously messy, but yes I held it together well on this occasion:)Tom – because I am young, a mere whippersnapper! (and I deleted the ones that showed off all my wrinkles)so vain πŸ™‚

  4. Tom – Ha ha no! It's my kitchen. Tis the heart of my home, and I spend a lot of time in there. It's an open plan space, and very airy. The light there is the best in the house.

  5. Hi Suzanne, I loved the previous post then looking at this one, I was stunned! LOOOOOVELY :)I love the way you combined with the writing, very effective and the rusty clip made it top mark for me. Thank you for showing. Love to see more. xm

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