Art of the Garden (Two)

 Work in Progress – it needs to be work finished! My deadline for submission is in a weeks time.
I have pinned lots of new garden blueprints to my wall, and yesterday found this beautiful handmade paper circle, which has been tucked away doing nothing for years.
I really like my blueprints on it. Just need to decide how to attach them to it.

 I started doing some running stitch onto it, leaving the threads loose. I am interested in the fact that anyone could just pull them out, they are not ‘fixed’ as such. They are ordered compared to the fluid lines of the plants.

Don’t know where I’m going with this, but think I’m getting there. Kinda.


16 thoughts on “Art of the Garden (Two)

  1. The deep blues are just lovely – really summery. Will be interested to see the finished piece. The idea of the 'loose ends' is interesting – a metaphor for my life!

  2. I absolutely love this creation. It reminds me Japanese Ai (cobalt dye) that I adore. What you did with garden plants is simply beautiful! xm

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