Art of The Garden (One)

I am currently trying to get work ready for an exhibition called “Art of the Garden”.
I stumbled across these pictures which I took of my daughter about fifteen years ago when she was three.
We were in my mum’s garden, (we didn’t have a garden of our own at the time) and she and her daddy were watering the oak trees and horse chestnut trees, which they had been growing, from acorns and conkers collected on walks.

I love these pictures. They seem somehow magical to me.

Have a lovely weekend x


10 thoughts on “Art of The Garden (One)

  1. Tom and Jude – This was a roll of film (remember them?) and I chose to have them processed in sepia. Now I can change the colour of my photographs all by myself thanks to my computer. I think the sepia does make them quite timeless.

  2. These are just beautiful Suzanne…they remind me of Doisneau. I immediately thought of one image that I love, but could not find it. You may know it…. a young boy and girl, holding hands, walking in the woods…the shot was taken from behind around 1930-1940.. It is one of my all time favourites and I can not for the life of me think who shot it and where to find it. When I do, I will send it on. Love the concept for the show, will it be in London?Thanks again for your book suggestion.Jeanne xx

  3. Jeanne – Ooh I would would love to see it if you manage to find it. As for the exhibition – London, I wish… maybe one day xmollyglover – Thanks, it really captured a moment for us.

  4. WrightStuff – We have one still in a pot in our back garden, and planted some in the fileds near where we live. I must go back and look at them.

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