Creativity and Cake

 Yesterday we had a bit of a ‘stitch and bitch’ at my house with my daughter and some of her friends, except without the bitchin’!

 I got loads of my materials out for them, and we had a couple of hours of making, drinking, eating and chatting.

 The things they made were gorgeous.

 Little lavender bags.

Beautiful hand stitch, and the beginnings of some lovely wall hangings.

What we ate…pavlova which my daughter made. Utterly scrumdiddlyumptious!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

8 thoughts on “Creativity and Cake

  1. Gosh, they are a talented bunch! I love the quote about the sea. And not only can they sew, but they bake. Sounds a bit like the old days when women went to a 'quilting' where they all sat round chatting and sewing.

  2. Sam – What do you think? I actually made another one today – it had better be as good as hers!potterjotter – I love that quote too. We had such a lovely afternoon.Steve – Major creativity!Julie – Hello, thanks for leaving a comment, and aren't they just.

  3. oh what lovely work and such a great thing to do. I would love to do this with my daughter but wouldn't know where to begin. Although that's the thing isn't it? To just begin and do it!Thanks for sharing :)Amelia.x

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