In Praise

Happy Mother’s Day.

My mum:

  • taught me how to sew.
  • instilled in me a love of books
  • would read me poems by Wordsworth and Longfellow, “The Lady of Shallot ” being one of her favourites.
  • had an amazing gift of making up stories about  “The Naughty Little Pixie” and “Podge Piggy”
  • helped me to draw and paint
  • loves cooking, and has shared many of her recipes with me
  • believes in fairies
  • encourages her grandchildren to follow their dreams
  • is big on etiquette
  • used to make all her own clothes, and looked a million dollars.
  • has an extremely naughty sense of humour
  • saved lots of photos (all of the photos I use in my work belonged to either her or my dad).
  • loves her garden, and watching the changes that all the different season’s bring.
  • was 82 last week

Love you mum.

9 thoughts on “In Praise

  1. Hope you all had a wonderful day, sounds like your mum deserves more than just one day a year. All that AND she had you to put up with too.. The woman must be a Saint!! 😀 xTom, yes.

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