Liebster Award – spreading some bloggy love

Yesterday I received this lovely award from  My Mummy wrote this for me ( a brilliantly written blog by one amazing lady).
The idea behind the award is to spread a little loving into quiet corners of the blogging world and hopefully introduce readers to new and amazing blogs.
Fenngirl, it really made my weekend, thanks so much (and I would definitely have picked you too).

My mission, which I have accepted is:
1) Create a post on my blog and add the Liebster blog image.
2) Link back to the person who gave me the award and say if I accept.
3) Choose 3-5 of my favourite blogs, link to these in my post and tell these lucky bloggers that they’ve been tagged.

I read lots of blogs, but I do return to several time after time, so…in no particular order, we have…

I have been following Steve’s blog for quite some time now, and in the midst of all the mummy blogs, the arty blogs, the gorgeous lifestyle blogs, his blog is a welcome reality check.
He tells it like it is.
He’s a bloke, and a very funny, witty, articulate and often down right ballsy bloke at that.

He makes me laugh, makes me think and I enjoy reading his posts – they are always so brilliantly written.

I don’t think he really does awards – but he’s getting this one anyway 🙂

2. No wine on Wednesdays

One of the first blogs I followed.
Lottie, wife, mother of two currently enjoying all the ups and downs of a self – build. Self confessed  lover of Boden and The White Company. She often says what I feel.
One very funny lady, who is also a sensitive soul. I hope that one day we get to meet up!

3.A Creative Hub
Sam’s blog.
She is part of an award winning illustration duo. Her blog is like an online sketchbook, with lots of her beautiful drawings, inspirations and photos. Gorgeous eye candy which is very inspiring. It also looks like she makes a mean biscuit… mmmm need to try some of those.

Ta dah! Those are my picks, but I could easily have included lots of others. Have a read, and spread the love if you so desire.

P.S. the gorgoeus owner of these muddy boots, socks and knees was man of the match on Saturday. Very proud of my seven year old boy, he was a little warrior.


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award – spreading some bloggy love

  1. Oh, the little man of the match knees! Lovely, lovely blog picks too. Steve always makes me laugh. You know I always love coming to your blog – it's a wonderful place to hang out! xx

  2. People don't think I do awards?! This explains the absence of a BAFTA and an OSCAR on my mantelpiece! I am highly honoured and very touched. Thank you.

  3. Aw thanks lovely and I hope we meet up too…Love the sound of your other recommended reads and off to check them out now.Hope you got the mud out of those socks and knees – bet it took a bit of elbow grease x

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