How many candles!

Too many. We are talking fire hazard.
Guess whose birthday it is today?

     Yep, that’s right the former chubby chops who writes this blog.

The lovliest card came through the post with a wonderful old rusty bulldog clip attached (I have started collecting them) from my friend H in Luxembourg. We went to college together in Manchester and she was Maid of Honour at my wedding. I don’t get to see her often but she has been a constant in my life for over twenty years and I hold her close to my heart. Who else would just ‘get’ that I love rusty old bulldog clips?

I have had a lovely day. Mum came for tea and we danced!The children have never seen their Nanna dance before – it was uplifting to see her looking well and happy.

Simple food, lovely family, great friends who popped by and said “Hello”.
Another year older, but feeling well blessed.


9 thoughts on “How many candles!

  1. Weeeeeoooo-Weeeeooo here comes the Fire Brigade!! A re-enactment of "Towering Inferno" ? ๐Ÿ˜€ Great to hear that your day went well and you all had a wonderful time, even your mum dancing eh, sounds like a proper party. Hope you have many more wonderful days together. x

  2. Steve, Wrightstuff, Tom – thank youJoe Blogs – fire engines in my head go – neeee naaaaw, neeeee naaaawwww!!! xpotterjotter – defo !muummmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee – thanks and no ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  3. Hey, Happy Birthday!!! {Belated, I wasn't in blogland on the big day!} Sounds like you had a great day xHow about new bulldog clips left out in the rain for a few months? If I see any rusty ones, be assured I will post them to you! {after some deliberation on keeping them for myself of course!;D} x

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