My week in pictures

My daughter had an interview for college in London, so we all decided to go. 
What an amazing place, and perfect fot my son’s project on dinosaurs.
I can’t believe we have never been before.

The Royal Observatory
Great walk to get there, beautiful gardens, really interesting place, the boys enjoyed it.
Standing on the Meridian Line.

Kings Cross Station
Had to go there because the boys wanted to see where Harry Potter gets the train to Hogwarts!
Huge statue.

Walney Island
My friend has just bought a pub there.
The Queens Arms
Very old, lots more work still to be done, but we had a fantastic lunch and it was so lovely to see her (and the cat, and the chickens).

Newby Bridge, South Lake District.
Stayed for a night.

 The follwing day was brighter.

Dinner at The Swan.
Cool lighting.
Feeling a bit more like Spring is just around the corner.
Busy week, great time, glad to be home.

8 thoughts on “My week in pictures

  1. Think we may have both been in the North West at the same time – lovely pictures – bring back memories of trips with my kids when they were little – always nice to come home though.

  2. WrightStuff – I sa your photos with Amelia – they looked great.potterjotter – 'always nice to come home' exactly :)mummmmeeeeeee – fingers crossed, will find out in a few weeks x

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