Beneath The Surface

“Beneath The Surface” opened today at The Neoartists Gallery and I have had two pieces exhibited.

“Deep Blue”
“Searching For Pokemon”
My photographs of the full piece are awful, I’ll take some more when I go to the gallery, but these give you a taster. It’s a bit of a bizarre concoction; photographs of my son age 4 diving for his, you guessed it …Pokemon. transferred onto fabric, with stitch , rusty bulldog clips ( I am collecting them if you have any spare? 🙂 ) and washed up bits of sea glass.

14 thoughts on “Beneath The Surface

  1. What a fascinating juxtaposition of undersea images and ocean flotsam – there's an almost symbiotic relationship about them; they look so 'right' together and yet I'd never have expected to see them presented that way. Art, I suppose!

  2. Love these images! I painted a canvas years ago to remember our view from our home in Australia. I loved watching the sea. You just reminded me how beautiful it was :)Have you stretched and framed your sons images…they are wonderful!I can see a wall of them in a young boys room….very special.Found you thru Lisa @ Wrightstuff…Beautiful blog you have here !Jeanne

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