Picture this.

At the moment I am working on some new pieces that will hopefully be selected for the next Neoartists exhibition. The painting above is on silk, and although I have a perfectly lovely little (little being the operative word) studio, I chose to do this on the floor in my kitchen.

My poor children must think I am every so slightly mad as they come home from school and see me sprawled out on the floor paintbrush in hand, music blaring.

Sometimes I like to work in silence, with nothing but the chatter in my head to distract me.
 Working on this though my playlist included:

“It’s OK”, Cee Lo Green
“Sweet Disposition”, Temper Trap
“God is a DJ.” Pink
“Swords of a 1000 men “, Ten Pole Tudor (guilty pleasure this song)
“Spiralling”, Keane
“Give You Hell”, The All American Rejects
“Common People”, Pulp
“Dog Days Are Over”, Florence and The Machine.

I now need to go and get my staple gun and make sure it’s all stretched properly.
What’s your favourite song of the moment?

10 thoughts on “Picture this.

  1. I love the pics, have you named them? They remind me of scuba diving when you reach the seabed and turn round and look up to the surface. The adrenalin rush subsiding to calm and peace. Tch! begining to sound like sister Wendy. I see more red dots in your future πŸ™‚

  2. TheMadHouse – Thankyou :)Joebloggs – Only one painting, not yet named (hate that bit),but the exhibition is called "Beneath the Surface", so the sea and water were definitely on my mind.Steve – I love that song! I also used to love "The diary of Horace Wimp".

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