Feel-good food.

Last Christmas Eve I cooked my first ever ham, and this Christmas failing to find last years recipe I tried Nigella’s  ham in Coca-Cola. I don’t really buy fizzy drinks and really didn’t know what to expect. I have of course tasted Coca-Cola before but to cook with it seemed strange.
It was really good, but the soup that I made with the remaining juices was gorgeous!

I added a couple of cans of red kidney beans and blitzed it into a creamy soup. Just the thing to warm your cockles on a cold day.

I go through phases with cooking, some days I haven’t a clue what to cook and the whole thing bores me rigid (never the eating only the cooking) and on other days I can cook and bake all day.

My daughter and her dad love watching the food channel, and for a while I have said it’s ironic how she loves watching these programmes but never cooks!

Over Christmas she made another Nigella recipe chicken with 40 cloves of garlic which was a great first attempt, and the other night she made Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes. She accompanied it with a green salad, sliced up crusty bread and she lit candles. It was so lovely.

So here’s hoping that between now and when she goes to Uni, we get to try out lots more different recipes.

Would love to hear about any of your favourite cookery books or favourite foods.


10 thoughts on “Feel-good food.

  1. /my Mum has made that coke ham every year since the book with it in came out- we all look forward to it more than the Turkey!! will have to pass on the soup recipe… sounds yummy. x

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