Hello 2011!

Hope your 2011 got off to a fine start.

 Eldest daughter is away in Scotland with friends staying in some Scooby Doo castle for a few days and is having a lovely time.

We had a great evening with the boys at a party at a friend’s house.

When we arrived home hubby put the little one to bed and I went up to our bedroom ready to flop but I was confronted with a bird, a starling, flapping it’s wings in my bedroom!

I don’t know who was startled more!

I am a complete wus and ran downstairs and made hubby go up and catch the bird. I heard flapping and a bit of commotion and then…hubby came down stairs and had managed , with the aid of a head torch and a towel (ingenious I know) to get the bird back out of our open bedroom window, but not before it had flown out and then right past his head back into the room again.

Thank goodness it was alive and OK, I think it might have been bad kama to start the year off with a dead bird in my bedroom :0

This picture just about sums up last year to me. I was trying to take a self-portrait for the photography course I was doing. I was lying on the floor and as my arm was in the air, trying to take the picture, the cat attacked it. Full on, teeth in arm. The third picture shows my pain, the fourth me laughing at the ridiculousness of it all and the fifth was me looking back at the cat as she walked away.

Calm, surprise, pain, happiness, reflection.

Hope 2011 is a happy one x


15 thoughts on “Hello 2011!

  1. Well as we are now past the festivities and still in one piece… I hope, we can look forwards to all that 2011 has to offer. I hope your year is creative, prosperous and happy. X Z.

  2. hey, sorry if you have recieved like a hundred msg's but my laptop is on the fritz and I'm trying to wrangle the tec on my phone….mostly to no avail, I will have to get one of the kids to show me how it works. 🙂

  3. Hi and thanks for your lovely comment. True words. We had a bird in our house too, well it was a black raven stuck in the chimney. With help of the neighbour, hubby was not brave enough on his own, (and me locked up in another room) it was freed and flew away leaving a black trace behind on my curtains. ilove those pictuers you made of yourself, funny.XX

  4. Susannah – I know, but I like the fresh air too -just think I left it open too much, and someone had left the light on (slapped wrists).What a start indeed!

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