Learning through making

     I am coming to the end of various artist in schools projects.
 The one pictured is a project for Curious Minds and focused on a year 2/3 class and a year 3/4 class. It was an enterprise project and the children were given a budget and had to buy materials to then make things and sell, hopefully for a profit.
The project was also designed to raise confidence in numeracy skills.The class used my business “skybluesea” as a starting point and we talked about how a small business is run. The children then decided on the types of items they would like to make.
 These lavender bags were one of the items, and the first lot sold like hot cakes at the Christmas fair.
My final day there was frosty, but we took the opportunity for a photo shoot.
Hanging the little bags on the trees outside.
Silk paintings by the children to be framed and auctioned off later in the year.
I really hope that the children manage to raise lots of money. They have decided to give some to charity and then spend the rest on things for their classes. Good luck. You were a joy to work with, and thanks to the volunteers who helped thread needles!

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