T.V. that made me chuckle.

Did anyone else watch The Trip last night, a new six part series which started last week, with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon? The two of them are on a road trip around the Lakes and Dales, where Coogan is supposedly writing about several restaurants for “The Observer”.

It’s really just an excuse to see the banter between them both, although I am really interested in all the restaurants too and looking at all the food. YUM.

I found parts of it laugh out loud funny, and boy do I need a good laugh right now.
The two of them went to L’Enclume, a michelin starred restaurant in Cumbria, and it was lovely to see the dishes that they ate and the scenery around the Trough of Bowland is stunning.
There was also a cameo by Ben Stiller.

Steve Coogan is so dry and Brydon so silly and the competition between them over who is the best impersonator just tickles me. It’s subtle, yet silly!

Is it because I’m Northern?

Who knows but can’t wait to watch next week.

( I’m not turning into some kind of telly addict by the way, this is my second post about T.V. in a week).


11 thoughts on “T.V. that made me chuckle.

  1. I'm enjoying it too hun. (I also love hearing the Joy Division song they play on it!) Nothing wrong with a bit of good telly on the rare occasion that 'good' telly is available. I won't miss Autumn watch for no bugger! Here's a laugh (at me), I've a secret crush on Chris Packham but sshh don't tell anybody! :Dxxx

  2. Sarah – your secrets safe with me :)Steve – would love to know what you think of it when you watch it.Wrightstuff – food, comedy, great scenery – ticks all my boxes!A Bun Can Dance – Would love to know what you think of it too x

  3. very funny, some classic lines and real sparkle. saw them on bbc breakfast saying how its not scripted just directed by ideas and that makes it all the fresher, well recomended. As your new role of t.v critique does this mean your going to do a regular Corrie update? ;)And what about that Kirsty Allsop jumping onto the cafty bandwagon? Good/Bad/indifferent?

  4. joebloggs – glad I have a kindred spirit, alas "Corrie" and all other soaps are off my radar, don't watch them.Kirsty's crafty programme is good, but Master crafts with Monty Don was fab.

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