Just an old fashioned gal.

Yesterday I watched Turn Back Time – The High Street on BBC 2. Last night was looking back at the Victorian High Street. I really enjoyed it, and it was interesting to see what the Victorians used to bulk up their bread!
It tied in nicely with my recent trip to Haworth in North Yorkshire. Bronte country. I remember watching the film “Wuthering Heights” as a little girl with my mum (the Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier version), and it appealed to the romantic in me, in a very tragic sort of way…

up the hill to the parsonage
I first went to Howarth when I was about seven and we had a look around the Bronte Parsonage museum, which was home to the Brontes from 1820-1861. I remember loving the tiny books that they used to make as children, and was amazed at how miniscule their writing was.
When we went last week my youngest son was interested (a bit) in looking around, my eldest son would rather have sat on a rusty spike.
I was delighted because there was an exhibition of work, inspired by the Brontes and the parsonage, by the amazing Su Blackwell which was a complete surprise, and is jaw droppingly beautiful. My youngest son also seemed pretty impressed – result.
 You are not allowed to take photographs, but I treated myself to a signed copy of her book. I can genuinely say I loved every single item of her work but my favourite is pictured above.It is a passage from Emily Bronte’s diary, laser cut into an antique linen tablecloth, and the words tumble out onto the kitchen table.
The exhibition “Remnants” runs until Sunday 28th November.
My friend wanted to have a look in the church and I was drawn to the faces carved in the stone.
                                                           Then off to the shops.

Not only did this shop, Daisy Days, have lovely, talented staff (they hand painted all the tiles on the counter), they sold all manner of goodies.
It is a beautiful florists shop as well as a fantastic gift shop. Just lovely.

9 thoughts on “Just an old fashioned gal.

  1. Howarth is a lovely place – I went with my family just before Christmas a few years ago and loved it. So wild and beautiful. Like stepping back in time in itself.

  2. Have been there several times, but you've made me want to go again. The Olivier/Oberon version is the best. Makes me like my name – Cathy. '…rather sat on a rusty spike' … so funny, will have to use that one!

  3. Steve – I think that's agreat time of year to go. You can appreciate the wildness of the moors, but then cosy up in one of the gorgeous tea shops :)Seth – thanks for stopping by, and saying "hi".potterjotter – Cathy, of course, such a fitting name for this post!

  4. what a lovely trip. I think I was last 7 when I went to Haworth and I have been longing to go recently. The art-work you show looks gorgeous. So much out there to inspire isn't there?Happy making :)Amelia.x

  5. Amelia – Ooh you must tell me if you go and I'll try and get over and meet you.muummmmmmeeeee – cultured, kinda (not much choice other than to be dragged around certain places with me), will probably rebel big time when he's older 🙂

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