Dreaming …

I am really loving my ““unravelling” course, and I am enjoying messing about with the camera. This weeks assignment was faces.

I am quite pleased with this photo.
Long live Bobbi Brown!
I am a complete dreamer,an artist, a creative being. A mum, wife, friend, daughter, sister, teacher.
I love to get lost in my own little world where I can be me.

Shut your eyes for five minutes and just be…


10 thoughts on “Dreaming …

  1. Steve – me too given half a chance!Tom – Thanks Tom, hopefully you have the whole weekend for your stiff neck to recover:)A Modern Mother – just lay on the cushions, took it and hoped for the best, ha ha! What you can't see is my mad cat who had leapt at the arm taking the photo and grabbed it full on in it's mouth, vicious little blighter, how I look so serene is a mystery.

  2. Dear Suzanne – Is that a photo of you?! You're beautiful !! When I first saw the photo I thought you'd found it from the internet some place and that you were using it to illustrate your post ! It's brilliant !Day dreams and Life Dreams are so very important, I say. I'd love to do more dreaming (sleeping!) at night but have a habit of waking up lately !!!!Glad to hear you're enjoying the course,Denise x

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