A year of blogging!

I am sitting here at my computer, preparing for a meeting this afternoon for a new project in a school, and I have just realised that yesterday was my “blogoversary”. One year ago yesterday I decided to blog about a silversmithing course that I had started to get me out of my creative rut.

Well the silversmithing course is long gone, but I’m STILL here!!

Writing this blog has been one of the best things I have ever done, I think that I have developed a lot over the past year creatively. I have started to go to life drawing again after years of being too lazy /scared/busy and have also started to paint. The creative rut is over and I think I have you to thank for that. You have spurred me on and motivated me. I find it completely weird that a bunch of people I have never met have influenced my life, but there you have it.

I have a fantastic group of friends and family who never read my blog, It just doesn’t ring their bell, and that’s fine – I wouldn’t swap them for the world. They encourage me in their own way.

 I do enjoy this blogging community though.

Thank you if you have ever left a comment or if you are a lurker (I know I have readers from Italy, Spain, France, America etc.), thank you if you follow my blog and frequently read my ramblings. I am really touched that what was initially my online sketchbook has become so much more to me, and your comments make my day.

You bloggers rock!

Now I had better get on and actually do some work 🙂

Suze xxx


17 thoughts on “A year of blogging!

  1. Yes, may I add my congratulations and say how I wish you the best of luck with continuing with these interesting blogs. To keep going, is a triumph in itself, so many people give up after a time and it is such a shame. :(I, myself, am coming up to 2 years!…. but I sometimes wonder….how long?And then….something new pops up, and off we go again. :)I love reading new (to me) blogs and wish you all the best for all your future postings.Best wishes….Bernard.

  2. Steve – Why thank you kindly :)Tawny – Hello, thanks for stopping by.Amy – Thanks you, hope you are OK xBernard – Thanks for your well wishes. It's funny how just when you think you have nothing else to say,you find something to write about!Incidentally your name (the only name) appears on the spelling list for my son to learn this week!

  3. Suze – Happy Blogaversary! I love your blog and agree with every sentiment you express about blogging. You were one of my first followers and I appreciate that. I love the name 'lurkers'- I never know what to call them.

  4. Happy One Year Blog Birthday !Great photo and wonderful sentiment in this post – you're so right, blogging changes us in such a positive and creative way,Here's to the next twelve months!Denise x

  5. congratulations too 🙂 I feel many of the same things you write about about blogging. It has been fabulous, I've met lovely people (who I've not physically met – like yourself – and people who I have!) It's opened up great doors.Here's to many more years of wonderful blogging for you :)Amelia.x

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